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Shakespeare For Kids?

Yes! Our Shakespeare adaptations have been tried and it’s true. Teachers are using our adaptations across the globe and reports are in: Students revel in the word play and twisty plots. Parents enjoy watching their children delight in the classic tales. Local communities are especially impressed by the quality of the language and performance. We […]

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Back to School with The Tempest!

In the summer of 2011 I had the pleasure of attending a stunning production of The Tempest at American Players Theatre in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The play was performed in the “Up-The-Hill” theatre which is a beautiful stage tucked away in the lush Wisconsin woods. It was the middle of summer, hot and humid, and […]

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Try The Tragic Romeo & Juliet!

Over the past few years I’ve received several requests for an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, but I always felt that I shouldn’t write one. My reasons were numerous, but the main reason was this: I was worried I wouldn’t be able to honor the true spirit of the play while making it accessible to […]

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Midsummer in Florida

When Dana Alvarez  was in high school she had the opportunity to attend the National Shakespeare Competition in New  York City and visit The Globe Theatre in London.  These two experiences solidified her love of Shakespeare and the world in which he lived. Dana, now a 5th grade teacher of Gifted students in Cape Coral, […]

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